The Diet of a Bodybuilder – 1

Body Building Diet

If you’re doing strength training for more muscle, you probably know that training alone is not enough. The diet is also important. You can feed yourself like a bodybuilder to build muscle and get rid of excess pounds when you combine that diet with the right workout plan. Basically, it’s about a lot of protein and fiber and low carbohydrates and fat to you. You also have to eat more and more often.

Part. 1 Effective methods

1. Eat the right amount of protein. You probably know that bodybuilders are very rich in protein. You need a lot of protein for muscle growth. But if you eat more protein than you need, that’s just extra calories and therefore less effective than carbohydrates. For most people, 1.75 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is sufficient daily.

Protein-rich foods include: rump steak or London broiled chicken, salmon, chicken breast and pork tenderloin.

Even as a vegetarian or vegan, you can feed yourself like a bodybuilder. Even more and more bodybuilders are becoming vegans. Vegan protein-rich foods include soy (and other legumes), seitan, quinoa, buckwheat, and mycoprotein. Try egg yolks and oatmeal or protein-rich cereals and a protein shake for breakfast. Do not eat sugar-rich cereals.

2. Nourish yourself with fluids between meals. Protein shakes are great as an energy source between meals. This is especially true if you want to fight against the desire for junk food. Whey protein is easily digestible and is well absorbed.

Read the information on foods, count calories and try to eat as much protein as possible. You need a lot of it, but it can be too much.

3. Do not leave out meals. Skipping meals is as bad as leaving out workouts. Your body needs food to build mass. If you can not plan your meals because of your life circumstances, always bring one or two meals with you.

4.Nurture yourself well. Protein is important, but a balanced diet is just as important. In particular, include vegetables and complex carbohydrates in your diet. Bodybuilders recommend asparagus, broccoli or spinach. There are many other options.

5. Drink a lot. Your body is mostly water. For it to work, it needs enough water. This applies to everyone, but especially for hard training athletes.

6. Stay away from fat. Some fat is ok, but it should not be tons. Avoid foods that have been enriched with fat, eg butter, or that have been fried. Give up as much as possible on butter, oil and greasy sauces. Use a light cooking spray instead of butter and oil whenever possible.

7. Avoid processed foods. Bodybuilders want to eat “naturally”. This means that you should omit unhealthy foods such as fast foods and processed foods. These foods become too fat and not too muscle. Remember: You are what you eat!

8. Do not eat sweets. Avoid possibly refined sugar and other simple carbohydrates. These foods contain empty calories that displace healthier calories – which build muscle mass. It’s best to ban these foods from your home so you do not get tempted. Carbs just before bed are the worst. Since you do not move for several hours, your body stores these carbohydrates as fat.

There is only one exception to this rule: Immediately after hard training, a few simple carbohydrates are fine. If you feel like a bagel after training in the fitness center, then you can give in to that craving – as long as you take your protein too.

9.Eat outside moderately and wisely. When you go out to eat, you can not control what’s in your meal. The food in the restaurant usually contains more fat and salt than when you prepare food at home. Try not to eat outside too often. If you eat outside, stick to pure protein and simple vegetable garnishes. Search the menu for things that are best for a bodybuilder’s diet.

10. Do not eat too much. Some people hear “pumping up” and believe that means they can eat as much as they want. That’s definitely not true. Bodybuilders have to pay attention to the quantities as well as everyone else. The logic behind it is simple. If you absorb more calories than you burn through exercise, then your body stores those calories as fat. As a bodybuilder, you can usually consume more calories than the average couch potato. But even here there is a limit.

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