The amazing secret to getting a great six pack abs

The idea of having a six pack looks great, but the process that is involved in getting them is not that simple. To get abs, it involves a lot of workout and grueling exercises which include:

1) Right food diet- This is the main program to getting the right abs it constitutes up to 85% of great abs. Eating low fat diet and avoiding food full of fats will help your body grow strong muscle tissues hence washing away clumps of fat in your belly; if these fats collect around your stomach no matter how hard you try, your abs won’t show. Having the correct diet constitutes a greater percentage of getting the best six packs than going to gym alone, carbohydrates will be much needed in this case where it will help with muscles repair and recovery.

2) Have much time for Cardio- This involves much physical exercises which include jogging, mountain climbing and cycling. These are some of the modern cardio which boosts high rate metabolism hence helps in breaking down excessive body fats to low intensity. Cardio also helps your diaphragm get exercised as you get involved in heavy breathing.

3) Avoid everyday working outs- You should allow more time for your muscles to recuperate after a workout. Far from regular belief hitting the gym daily does not wear off the fats; it just makes your muscles tissues wear off and you experiencing pains as a result.

4)Drink a lot of water-this helps in cleaning up toxins in the body systems whereby it keeps good body standards for metabolism it also enables breaking down of lipids and fatty acids; as we all know our bodies comprise of 75% of water which in this case its very necessary for the abs to grow.

5) On spot workout-working out abs requires a lot of time as fats can’t burn on spot. Abs requires a lot of work out so as to burn the excess fat and flush out the aflatoxin in the body. Therefore; on every opportunity do some exercise that would work on your abs, as it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the gym.


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