7 Healthy Foods to Eat Before and After Exercise

There have been a gradual awareness among the people on the need to constantly form a habit to exercise their body. It is a known fact that physical exercise have a way of preventing heart disease and physically active people are not usually prone to disease like the  inactive people. It is great thing desiring … Read more

The amazing secret to getting a great six pack abs

The idea of having a six pack looks great, but the process that is involved in getting them is not that simple. To get abs, it involves a lot of workout and grueling exercises which include:

1) Right food diet- This is the main program to getting the right abs it constitutes up to 85% of great abs. Eating low fat diet and avoiding food full of fats will help your body grow strong muscle tissues hence washing away clumps of fat in your belly; if these fats collect around your stomach no matter how hard you try, your abs won’t show. Having the correct diet constitutes a greater percentage of getting the best six packs than going to gym alone, carbohydrates will be much needed in this case where it will help with muscles repair and recovery.

2) Have much time for Cardio- This involves much physical exercises which include jogging, mountain climbing and cycling. These are some of the modern cardio which boosts high rate metabolism hence helps in breaking down excessive body fats to low intensity. Cardio also helps your diaphragm get exercised as you get involved in heavy breathing.

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Diet and exercise as recipe for weight loss success.

There is no shortcut to losing weight. Good diet and exercise are the foundation for successful weight loss. Discovery of various diseases associated with excessive weight has forced many people to keep check on their weight. They however opt to use slimming products which are expensive and eventually don’t work. Some end up starving themselves in the name of losing weight.

Eating less doesn’t necessarily result to weight loss. In fact, when you eat less, you end up thinking so much about food and in the end give up. You can be able to eat more and lose weight simultaneously. Foods that fill you up for long are good in weight loss as you end up eating less. Such kinds of food are listed below;

Beans contain a hormone known as cholecystokinin .This hormone makes you feel fuller for longer therefore you do not eat frequently. In the end, you will end up avoiding things like snacks. They also lower blood sugar levels. This enables you to starve off hunger for a long period. Beans with high fiber content cut down the body’s cholesterol.

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