Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan

Healthy diet & Exercise

Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan should consist of complex carbohydrates, high quality protein and essential fatty acids. All of these three macro nutrients work together to make a Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan work.

Complex carbohydrates


    Whole wheat (bread, pasta, bagel etc)

    Sweet potato (yams)

    Brown rice


    Green leafy vegetables

High Quality Proteins

    Whey protein shakes



    Fish (tilapia, snapper, tuna etc.)

    Lean Red Meat


Essential Fatty Acids (good fats)



    Egg Yolk

    Fish Oil

    Olive Oil

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The 4 diet plans for men who want to lose weight quickly

Men and women have different requirements hen it comes to their food needs. Men are more engaged in sports and physical activities compared to women. This means that they are more vulnerable to losing body fluids, free radicals, as well as other harmful agents. The strenuous activities they take part in also lead to a loss in nutrients and dehydration.

Therefore men should be extremely cautious with what they eat .there are different diet plans in existence that men can use in order to maintain a healthy ,lean and good looking body. Some are easily adopted while others may call for someone to make extreme consultation with dietician or health care professionals before they can be applied. Here are four diet plans to be considered by men when they want to lose weight quickly.

The first thing is avoiding processed foods in a diet at all cost. Men usually have busy schedules and a lot of work load and they easily settle for processed foods. Over the years studies how that there has been an increase in the intake of processed foods and they are consumed on a regular basis.

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