Take Responsibility for Your Health and Fitness Before Illness Takes Responsibility of Your Life

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In the first part to this article I showed you how your health and fitness results are a direct result of your health and fitness decisions. You are responsible whether you like it or not. In this second part to the article, I share with you what all Powerfully Positive People know, that is how saying you are not responsible robs you of your health and fitness power, while taking responsibility, give you all the power you need. Plus I share the one big step you need to take as soon as you have taken responsibility.

When you do not take responsibility for your health and fitness, you rob yourself of the majority of your power over your health and fitness. You may say “I am this way because of my genes, or my metabolism.” Well what influence do you have over your genes or metabolism? Very little or none. If you grant power over your health and fitness to external influences your outlook is bleak. You have no chance. The world is a scary place, and you are at its mercy.

On the other hand, if you say “My genes and metabolism are just an influence on me, and I am ultimately responsible for my Health and Fitness” you claim back your power (didn’t you feel a little of that power as your read those words?). The world is a brighter place and you can for the most part, chose what you do, where you go, and what you achieve.

Those who have taken responsibility for their health and fitness are plain to see. They are the sports stars, and athletes that are idolized (don’t you have a favourite sport’s hero?), or those fit people that you know which everyone takes notice of and admires. Every one of these people has taken responsibility for their Health and Fitness.

Once you tell yourself that you are responsible for your health and fitness, and that you are able to work with influences such as genes, metabolism, or the lingering effects of past illnesses or injuries, you must take THE FIRST BIG STEP.

It is to start getting yourself a health and fitness education.

Most people’s health and fitness education stopped the moment they left school, or college. Your health education should be a life long study, rather than just a few years in formal education.

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Diet and exercise as recipe for weight loss success.

There is no shortcut to losing weight. Good diet and exercise are the foundation for successful weight loss. Discovery of various diseases associated with excessive weight has forced many people to keep check on their weight. They however opt to use slimming products which are expensive and eventually don’t work. Some end up starving themselves in the name of losing weight.

Eating less doesn’t necessarily result to weight loss. In fact, when you eat less, you end up thinking so much about food and in the end give up. You can be able to eat more and lose weight simultaneously. Foods that fill you up for long are good in weight loss as you end up eating less. Such kinds of food are listed below;

Beans contain a hormone known as cholecystokinin .This hormone makes you feel fuller for longer therefore you do not eat frequently. In the end, you will end up avoiding things like snacks. They also lower blood sugar levels. This enables you to starve off hunger for a long period. Beans with high fiber content cut down the body’s cholesterol.

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