Six Pack-Abs – why lack of progress after training?

There are a couple of reasons why people don’t get expected results after training for so long. This is to show that something is not being done right;


  1. Over training- When people over train it makes the muscles to degenerate. This concept is caused by excessive fatigue on the muscle fiber. Basically, it causes a strain and does not allow time for the muscle to heal. Most muscle fibers get damaged during a workout and the spacing within the workout is for the fiber to heal and be prepare for the next tasks. However, if the muscles are not given time to heal; you end up wearing them off because they lose their fiber which attaches them together. When you experience fatigue and pain in your muscles, it is sign that you are not allowing your muscles enough time to recuperate.


  1. Bad Eating habits- The whole idea behind working a six pack is to burn for the fat layer in your stomach so that your abs show; that is the slab in your belly must be slimmed considerably. You should ensure once you are enrolled in any training program, you should have a control diet that acts as a checker in your food consumption. It is possible to have abdominal muscles but they cannot show because there is fat layer covering your abdomen area.


  1. Wrong work out program- Choosing the program that best suits your body is very important. There are a lot of issues to take to consideration before making your choice; your eating habits, body size, lifestyle among others. The best way you can go through this is to find someone with the same demographics as yours, and who has got abs and seek advice from them on how they managed to do it. They could direct you to the right meals to take and type of workouts to involve in. It saves you more time that you could spend in experimenting on a lot of other things you could do; plus exploring many other types of exercises may lead to frustration after not succeeding in them.


  1. Change your lifestyle- What you are involved in socially greatly defines your physique. Like sports people tend to be more fits as they are engaged in workouts, also people who are involved in smoking or drinking or any other drug usage; don’t get the expected results as many of the alcoholic beverages have a lot of rehydrate content that builds up the fat. And the idea behind abs is to make the fat layer around your stomach thinner.


  1. Getting to your optimum- this in most cases is refers to as the plateau. It is experienced after your body stops making any progress after indications of initial good start. To avoid getting to this phase it is recommended that people increase their work out intensity and subject their dieting to periodical review. Getting to this point it means that part of your body has got to a point of maximum efficiency and you are advised therefore, to change your program do as to include new methods or longer periods of working out. Tentatively, you could space out your work out for more rest on your body.

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