Simple diet plan for six pack abs

Intensive and serious exercising of the body can enable you to achieve six packs Abs. None the less, you will still need to consider taking a balanced diet. This involves enriching it with nutrients and sufficient calories that reflect the needed energy. Reduction of fat is one of the goals of six-pack abs nutrition. Cutting down of fats should not interfere with the calorie use in the body, you must strike a balance. The need for enough energy for any one building their muscles is not an option. You will need a lot of energy in order to withstand the various physical activities.

There is a radical difference between oriented fat loss diets and the six pack abs diet. Continued loss of fat can lead to weight loss but the muscles can still grow and strengthen. The core aim of this diet is to achieve increased calories and cut down on the accumulation of fats.

Diet guidelines for Six Pack Abs

Carbohydrates, glucose and starch

The carbohydrates and starch are broken down to glucose that is the energy provider in the body. The energy requirements for a body builder require plenty of these in order to meet the energy requirements for undertaking enormous activity. Substantial energy substrates that are broken down in the body to release energy are derived from carbohydrates, starch and glucose. The complex carbohydrates or starch are the best option as accumulation of glucose in the body can lead to imbalance in insulin causing hyperglycemia. The abdomens can also be interfered with by excess carbohydrates. They can also cause flatulence, bloating and affect peristalsis that enables the food boluses to aptly go through the alimentary canal. The bodybuilding balanced diet should have sufficient starch products, fresh fruits and vegetables that facilitate the digestion of starch and curb constipation.


There is need for enough proteins that are used to construct tissues, cells and other structures. Extra proteins are required for bodybuilding for the body builder because we are reducing the fat content. The person needs about 1.5 grams of peptides per day in order to achieve a strong muscular body. Consumption of extra proteins is also encouraged in order to avert the loss of lean muscle. You can have the diet compose of meat, eggs, fish and poultry.


The body does not need excess fats to function efficiently. You will only need to take in small amounts of lipids or fats to facilitate the normal functions. They can be derived from oil, fruits like avocados, fish and vegetables. The fats that are needed are for the covering of delicate organs and tissues like the heart and act as insulators.


The body for a body builder should not be exposed to hunger neither should they overeat. You should take about three to four meals a day and ensure that you include proteins that will offer structures for growth and expansion of the muscles. Try to avoid drugs, excess alcohol and exercise regularly.

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