Relationship Between Your Cholesterol and Exercise: Burn Your Cholesterol Down

Relationship Between Your Cholesterol and Exercise: Burn Your Cholesterol Down

Your doctor just told you that you have high cholesterol and you need to change your lifestyle to bring it down. Your schedule is already packed with work, kids, extracurricular activities and more. How do you fit a new diet and an exercise plan into your jam-packed day? It may seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Most people are not too excited about the thought of an exercise regime. However, the amount and duration required is actually quite small. A total of one and a half hours walking at a good pace, on a weekly basis, is all this is required. You can start with a slow walk and slowly build up to a moderate speed over time. If you break that down to three days a week at a half hour per day, you will be well on the road to improved circulation, and a cholesterol reduction.

You will be surprised at how quickly you start to feel better. Even three short walks a week will provide stress relief with an accompanying positive new outlook. Breathing will be deeper and more relaxed, your cholesterol levels will begin to improve and you body will react to the positive changes. Because of these positive changes, you will want to walk more and more around the neighborhood as part of your daily routine.

You may notice that other family members are willing to join you on your walks. Also, the family dog will be more than willing to drop what they are doing and rush out the door when you are leaving. Your whole family can enjoy the benefits of more endurance, less stress, fresh air, and muscle toning.

You will notice small increases in stamina, muscle size and breathing for the first while. This shows that the system is working and just needs to be increased for greater results. You will also feel great and have a better outlook on life in general. To achieve even greater improvements is actually quite simple. Just do more of the same and try to stay active as much as possible. Dig out those old roller blades, bicycles, ice skates and any other relics around the home which will get you moving. Sign up for clubs where group action is fun, fulfilling and at the same time healthy.

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