Fruits are the best foods that can help protect your body against so many infections. Some can help you recover after being treated whereas others can be used to regulate the body’s weight. The fruits that can help one regulate their weight include lemons, avocadoes, bananas, water melons and many others.

Lemons are the most acidic fruits that one can take however; they are actually the best when it comes to balancing the high acids in the body. These are the best fruits when you need to regulate your weight.

Rather than just balancing the body’s pH; they are associated with great benefits too. They have lots of vitamin C thus can work in eliminating flu and colds , it stimulates the liver, dissolves uric acid and other fluids in the body; it also liquefies bile juice in the body. Lemon juice clears bowels [stomach] , treats scurvy, dissolves gallstones, kidney stones and calcium deposits as well; it terminates intestinal worms, deals with sight disorders and many more.

Lemon juice diet was invented in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs, a medical practitioner. This is known as a miracle diet because one can be able to loose a total of 10 pounds in just one week. It is however crucial that before you decide on using it or your diet, you get to know its impact on your health.

Lemon juice Diet contains four basic ingredients, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, spring water, cayenne pepper and Grade B maple syrup. All these ingredients play vital roles in making this diet the best for you. Spring water is meant to hydrate your body. Despite having taking nothing more than just the juice, spring water in it shall help you keep hydrated. Water is known to keep one satisfied thus no need to eat a lot.

The freshly squeezed juice is great at cleansing the body. It clears up mucus and clears up congestion in the body. Rather than just cleansing the body, it makes the juice feel refreshing as you sip it up. The vitamins and minerals found in this diet are very helpful. Cayenne pepper is great in fastening the body’s metabolic activities by raising the body’s temperature. This pepper reduces one’s appetite.

Maple syrup is very nutritious and great in balancing calories in the body.  The grade B type of syrup is recommended for your diet because it is the most pure, less refined best when it comes to providing more nutrients.  Grade C and A syrup can be also used; however, they are less nutritious and more expensive. Grade B is tastier than both grades A and C.

The great thing about lemon diet is that it does not only focus on loosing weight alone; it has many nutrients that favor the body. It also gets rid of toxins from the body which have accumulated in the body for years. One’s emotions, mind, body are relaxed and Ph can be restored as well.

The side effects of this diet is dizziness and  stomach up sets which shall not last for long, as your body is adapting to the change in diet. Lemon diet is the best for those who want to loose weight and maintain their health as well.

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