How To Stay On A Diet


Let’s face it, committing one’s self and sticking to a diet is anything but easy.  People have often wondered what the secret is on how to stay on a diet.  With the lifestyle that most people have adapted nowadays where being sedentary is totally fine plus junk foods and fast foods being a practical food of choice, going on a diet has gotten closer to impossible, more so in terms of sticking with it.  Losing weight has become more difficult to achieve with unhealthy foods growing in abundance and exercise requiring extra time and effort from one’s busy schedule.

We have seen so many people trying to lose weight and trying to keep the weight off by exercising consistently and by being very conscious with one’s calorie intake, hence going on a diet.  But then again, we are plagued with the reality of the ever so frequently asked question on how to stay on a diet and really keep it forever by developing it into some sort of a habit.  As what most of us are already aware of, exercising and going on a diet is hard but sticking with it is way way harder.  Why is this so?

Before finding the solution to the mystery on how to stay on a diet permanently, it is important to determine the reason as to why one cannot stick with one’s current diet.  It could be that the diet chosen is all wrong to being with.  If you choose a diet that is incompatible with your lifestyle, then chances are you’d eventually give up and leave it since it’s not feasible.  Another reason would be that of unrealistic goals.  Setting your goal too high is nothing short of unrealistic.  Tendency is, you’d always fall short off your expectations, get discouraged and eventually drop the diet out of frustration.  Another surefire way of setting yourself up for failure is dieting without any form of physical activity, exercise and the like

There are several reasons as to why a person is most likely unable to stick to one’s diet depending on the person concerned.  What’s important is that the root cause of such a behavior be cut in the bud.  Only then would one be able to start with the diet and work on sticking with it.  Otherwise, one would just be running around in circles.

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