Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan

Healthy diet & Exercise

Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan should consist of complex carbohydrates, high quality protein and essential fatty acids. All of these three macro nutrients work together to make a Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan work.

Complex carbohydrates


    Whole wheat (bread, pasta, bagel etc)

    Sweet potato (yams)

    Brown rice


    Green leafy vegetables

High Quality Proteins

    Whey protein shakes



    Fish (tilapia, snapper, tuna etc.)

    Lean Red Meat


Essential Fatty Acids (good fats)



    Egg Yolk

    Fish Oil

    Olive Oil

There are a couple of thing you should avoid for a healthy diet. Try to avoid simple sugars or simple carbohydrates. Some examples are fruit juices, energy drinks, candy, cakes, cookies etc.

But never forget that great Diet And Exercise Plans are essential to any life improvement.

I will emphasize that you should stay away from energy drinks and sport drinks. Most of them are filled with sugar and or artificial sweeteners. Some studies have proven that artificial sweeteners like aspartame cannot be digested by body properly. Stick with plain regular water.

A exercise plan should be intense and short. Maximum of 45 minutes. Most exercise should be compound and elicit maximum calorie expenditure.

Compound Exercises


    Presses (bench, overhead)

    Dead lift


    Push ups



    Bur pees

I sincerely believe that staying with this great healthy diet and exercise plan will make you get the best out of your body.

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