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Over the years, we have had hundred of tips and advises from experts and professional on what they claimed to be the best way to achieve health and fitness.  Too many to the point where the small things that really made a difference were overlooked.  Take for example the simple act of preparing your exercise outfit and the what not the night before.  This encourages exercise in the morning the moment you wake up.  It does away with the stress and tension brought about when you dart around the house early in the morning gathering your exercise gear together before going out for your morning run.

Another thing to take into consideration when working on one’s health and fitness is the time of the day that you do your workouts.  It is advisable to do one’s exercise regime early in the morning before going to work without the squelching heat of the sun and also, to get it out of the way before starting one’s busy schedule for the day.  Also, it helps curb one’s appetite when you have that minty fresh breath right after you brush your teeth after mealtimes.

When it comes to making lifestyle modifications in terms of health and fitness, gradual is the way to go.  Regardless of the degree of difficulty that one has to deal with, it would always be best to do things slowly but surely.  Making abrupt changes would only do more harm than good.  The body must not be shocked into adapting the changes right then and there most especially if the previous lifestyle is considered far from being healthy and fit.  The body must be given enough time to ease into the changes so that it eventually adapts it to the point where it becomes a habit.

In terms of having lunch, that one meal that you have in the middle of all your activities, it would be best for one’s health and fitness if you pack your own lunch from home.  Not only would you be able to save money but you would also be able to control the contents of your meal and ensure that you are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals required by your body.  When working on one’s fitness and well being, nutrition should always be a top priority.  Then comes mind conditioning.

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