Diet and exercise as recipe for weight loss success.

There is no shortcut to losing weight. Good diet and exercise are the foundation for successful weight loss. Discovery of various diseases associated with excessive weight has forced many people to keep check on their weight. They however opt to use slimming products which are expensive and eventually don’t work. Some end up starving themselves in the name of losing weight.

Eating less doesn’t necessarily result to weight loss. In fact, when you eat less, you end up thinking so much about food and in the end give up. You can be able to eat more and lose weight simultaneously. Foods that fill you up for long are good in weight loss as you end up eating less. Such kinds of food are listed below;

Beans contain a hormone known as cholecystokinin .This hormone makes you feel fuller for longer therefore you do not eat frequently. In the end, you will end up avoiding things like snacks. They also lower blood sugar levels. This enables you to starve off hunger for a long period. Beans with high fiber content cut down the body’s cholesterol.

Eggs are very rich in proteins. Study shows that proteins prevent food cravings by inhibiting spikes in insulin. Eggs also fill one up for longer. You will therefore eat less at your next few meals. This means that you will be able to cut down calories without feeling hungry.

Fruits such as pears and apples are rich in fiber which decreases level of sugar in blood. They quickly fill you up and for longer. Grapefruit contain chemicals which reduce insulin level. This forces the body to convert calories into energy. Fruits generally keep calories down.

Green, leafy or fibrous vegetables can be incorporated into diet as salad. They are rich in vitamins, roughage and give the body immunity against diseases. They are low in calories hence you can eat more and safeguard your weight.

Olive oil will help you maintain your weight loss routine of eating healthy… It contains mono-saturated fats and therefore helps in burning down fats. It is a good substitute for other fatty oils. It can be used in cooking or salad dressing.

Green tea is a kind of tea that contains an antioxidant known as catechin. Catechin not only speeds up metabolism but also burning of body fats. Green tea also enhances energy levels thus improves endurance during exercise.

. Despite soup being made from chicken or beef, it aids in weight loss. It reduces ones appetite because of their high water content which makes you full. Not all soups however are good for weight loss.

Exercise is the other mode of losing weight. It burns down fats. You can exercise at the comfort of your home or at the gym. Going to the gym however can be expensive .You need to exercise consistently to keep your weight on check.

There are different exercises that can be done such as squats, pushups and balancing on one leg. The amount of exercise is also the key to weight loss. On the other hand, intense exercise can result to muscle strains and loss of lean tissue.

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