Building Muscle Losing Fat Simultaneously

If you want to help your body burn fat, then you have to put on more muscle. Yes you have to watch your calorie intake, but more muscle that you have, will raise your metabolism. You can build muscle 3 different ways. First you can build some without weights, build more with a light workout with weights, or go full out and build the most that your genes will allow, training with a lot of weight and training often.

You do not need weights to gain muscle. First off if you are a sedimentary type person, you just need to get up and get moving to improve your muscle tone. You can start walking at a pace that will raise your heart rate and make you break a sweat.

As you start toning and building some muscle you will find that the pace that once made you tired, will no longer do that. You will need to raise the pace to continue toning and adding more muscle.

The next thing you can do to build even more muscle would be to do some calisthenics. Using just your body weight will build muscle. Here again if you are out of shape, you can start out with a few repetitions, adding more as the exercise gets easier. However, do not keep it so easy that you never raise your heart rate and break into a sweat.

Work your larger muscle groups to get the best results. Your chest legs and back are the very best places to start out. The bigger the muscle, the more energy in the form of calories it takes to feed it. So start out on the muscle groups that give you the most for your workouts.

Three good exercises to start with are the push up, leg squats and pull-ups or chin-ups. Push-ups are good for building up your chest muscles, along with your triceps. Doing squat exercises will build up your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. Pull-ups or chin-ups as they were called in high school, will work your back muscles, shoulder muscles and biceps.

For build even more muscles and target muscle groups more, you will want to start lifting weights. First and foremost with lifting weights without getting hurt is form and using the correct amount of weight. Get yourself a good guide to weight lifting. Most of the big body builders have written one. Bill Pearls book is a good place to start with.

You can get into light training that you can do at home. This would be where you would be using weights that you can easily handle by yourself. You can train your muscles just once a week per muscle group and never have to go to a gym. Just keep your weight to a level that you can handle easily.

You do not want to get pined on your weight bench doing bench presses with a heavy weighted barbell and get trapped. It is no fun trying to push a lot of weight to the floor and not get hurt doing it.

For building a lot of muscle, you will want to get a training partner to lift with. You can do this at home or in a gym. At a gym, you should never have a problem finding a person to help you with a heavy set of weights if need be. The person watching is called a spotter. You should never lift heavy without one.

The thing to remember with weight lifting is perfect form. With it, you should not get hurt. Less weight and perfect form will build better muscle any day. Sloppy form will only get you injured. Build muscle, you will burn more fat at rest, because you will have a faster metabolism.

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