4 little known key benefits for dynamic stretching

dynamic stretching benefits

In the past we have been told that static stretching was the proper way to loosen up our muscles prior to exercise. However, we are now aware of the use of dynamic stretching and how this is now considered a more beneficial warm up exercise in order to maximize performance.

The effectiveness of your warm up can not only affect the likelihood of injury, but also directly impacts your ability to perform to your maximum ability. Dynamic stretching plays a major role in maximizing performance levels and should be a key part of any warm up.

Key benefits of dynamic stretching:

1: Dynamic stretching means your body is still moving, even while stretching. The purpose of warming up is to prepare the muscles. You need to increase your muscles core temperature and dynamic stretching can accomplish this. If you put 5-10 minutes aside before your working out to do static stretching, this can lead to your muscles’ core temperature dropping. Although your muscles may be stretched and feel loose, they will actually be less elastic and not as powerful.

2: Dynamic stretching will prepare your muscles. While static stretching warm up may loosen the muscles, it has really has no relevance to what you are actually about to perform. Whether you are preparing for a basketball game or just going for a run your body needs to be prepared for the intensity of whatever workout is ahead. Warming up with dynamic stretching will prepare your body for the different types of movement that will be performed,

3: Dynamic stretching gets you mentally prepared. A static stretching warm up is more relaxing then anything else. This can trick your body into a relaxation mode and can be a difficult transition from rest period into competitor mode.

4: Dynamic stretching helps to improve the range of motion around your joints. This will help reduce the chances of injury. Over time this will improve your performance and maximize your movements due to the increase in flexibility of your joints.

It is clear that dynamic stretching overpowers static stretching when preparing for any type of work out. A warmup not incorporating dynamic stretching does not fully prepare the muscles for the task ahead, and can potentially inhibit your performance.

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